Oberlo Reviews: A Comprehensive Look at User Experiences

Oberlo is an app that helps entrepreneurs to easily find and import products from AliExpress into their Shopify store. It facilitates the dropshipping process for e-commerce businesses by allowing them to source low-cost products directly from suppliers, manage inventory, ship orders quickly and track delivery of items. Oberlo has received mostly positive reviews in the past due to its ease of use, wide selection of products and helpful customer support team.

Customers have found it easy to set up and manage their stores using Oberlo’s features such as automated order fulfillment, product customization options and discounts. Additionally, many customers praise the company’s quick response times when they need assistance with technical issues or product inquiries. Overall, people are satisfied with Oberlo’s performance and would recommend it as a reliable dropshipping solution for online retailers looking to save time setting up their store.

If you’re looking for a reliable and easy-to-use dropshipping platform, Oberlo is an excellent choice. With its user-friendly interface, support for multiple languages, diverse product selection and integration with Shopify stores, it’s no wonder why so many entrepreneurs are turning to Oberlo to help them build their online store. But what do customers have to say about the service?

Here we’ll take a look at some of the top reviews of Oberlo from around the web. For starters, most customers praise Oberlo’s intuitive design. Many users find it extremely easy to navigate through all their products and categories without any hiccups or confusion.

The ability to quickly add products from different suppliers in just a few clicks is also something that gets high marks from users who appreciate how fast they can get started on setting up their store. The customer service team at Oberlo has also earned positive remarks from those using the platform for their business needs. People comment on how knowledgeable and helpful members of this team are when dealing with any issues related to setup or use that come up during dropshipping operations.

This level of customer care goes a long way in helping small businesses succeed with dropshipping services like these provided by Oberlo.

How To Make Money With Oberlo in 2023 (For Beginners)

Can Oberlo Be Trusted?

Oberlo is an ecommerce platform that enables online retailers to find, import and ship items from AliExpress directly into their stores with a few clicks. It’s one of the most popular dropshipping automation tools available today and has been featured in major publications such as Entrepreneur magazine and The Guardian. But can Oberlo be trusted?

The short answer is yes, Oberlo can be trusted. They are a legitimate business and have earned numerous awards for their innovative services. All orders placed through the Oberlo platform are securely processed using industry standard encryption techniques, so you know your information is safe when using them.

Plus, they offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all purchases if you’re not satisfied with what you receive or how it was shipped to you – so there’s no risk involved in trying out the service before committing long term. As far as product quality goes, it really depends on where your products come from – but this isn’t something specific to Oberlo or dropshipping in general; it’s true of any retailer sourcing products from overseas suppliers (which many do). That said, you can take steps to ensure your customers receive high quality goods by choosing reputable AliExpress suppliers who provide good feedback ratings from other buyers on their store pages – which should give peace of mind when ordering through Oberlo (or anywhere else for that matter).

Is Oberlo Shutting down 2023?

No, Oberlo is not shutting down in 2023. In fact, the company has recently announced plans to expand and grow its business over the next few years. Oberlo is an ecommerce platform that makes it easy for entrepreneurs to launch their own online stores with products from various suppliers around the world.

It was founded back in 2015 and since then, it has been steadily growing in popularity among small business owners who are looking for a way to start selling products without having to manage everything themselves. Since its founding, Oberlo has become one of the most popular tools used by entrepreneurs when starting an online store. This is due to it being user-friendly and providing access to a large variety of different suppliers all around the world so you can easily find what you need for your shop without having to search through hundreds of websites manually.

Additionally, they offer features such as automated order fulfillment and product customization which make running an online store much easier than doing things manually on a regular website or marketplace like Etsy or eBay. In recent news, Oberlo announced that they will be expanding their services by introducing new features such as advanced analytics tools so users can better understand how their store is performing alongside other competitors in the market.

What is the Downside of Oberlo?

Oberlo is a popular dropshipping app for Shopify stores, allowing users to easily source and sell products from AliExpress. While Oberlo offers many advantages to ecommerce store owners, there are also some downsides that should be considered before using the platform. One of the biggest drawbacks of Oberlo is its limited product selection.

Since Oberlo only sources products from AliExpress, it has a very restricted range compared to other platforms such as Amazon or eBay which offer much wider selections of items. This means that store owners might not find everything they need on Oberlo and will have to look elsewhere for those items. Additionally, since all suppliers come through AliExpress, it can be difficult to ensure quality control over the products being sold in your store.

Another issue with Oberlo is that shipping times can vary greatly depending on where you’re located and where your supplier ships from (most suppliers ship out orders from China). Long shipping times mean customers may become impatient waiting for their orders and this could lead to unhappy customers who leave negative reviews or demand refunds due to late deliveries. Furthermore, if something goes wrong with an order – such as an item arriving damaged – then you’ll have no recourse against the supplier but must instead deal directly with your customer who may expect compensation for any issues arising during delivery.

How Much Does It Cost to Use Oberlo?

For those of you who are interested in starting an online business, Oberlo is a great platform for entrepreneurs and small businesses to use. But, how much does it cost to use this service? Let’s take a look at the pricing options available from Oberlo.

Oberlo offers three different plans: Starter (Free), Basic ($29 per month) and Pro ($79 per month). The Starter plan is free to get started with and includes basic features like product import/export, order tracking and fulfillment, product customization, inventory management and more. The Basic plan adds on additional features such as advanced analytics reports, customer segmentation tools and automated order fulfillment.

Finally, the Pro plan comes with all the features of both the Starter and Basic plans plus access to premium support services such as priority email responses from their team. In addition to these monthly subscription plans, there are also one-time fees associated with using Oberlo’s services depending on your needs. For example: if you want unlimited orders processed each month then there will be an additional fee applied for that service; or if you need custom branding then there would be an extra charge for that too.

Additionally any other add-ons or third party integrations may also incur separate costs which would vary depending on your requirements so make sure you check their website for details before purchasing anything else besides the main subscription package(s).

Oberlo Reviews

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Oberlo Reviews Reddit

If you’re looking for an honest and unbiased opinion on Oberlo, Reddit is the place to go. Oberlo is a popular dropshipping automation tool that has been used by countless entrepreneurs and businesses over the years. It can be difficult to know which tools are worth investing in, so it’s always a great idea to do your research before committing.

That’s why we wanted to explore what Reddit users had to say about Oberlo reviews. Redditors who have used Oberlo seem overwhelmingly positive about their experiences with the platform. Many claim that they’ve seen excellent results from using it, especially when compared with other dropshipping automation solutions.

Users praise how user-friendly and easy-to-use it is, as well as its ability to automate most of the tedious parts of setting up an ecommerce store like sourcing products, managing orders and tracking shipments. Others speak highly of its customer support team for quickly responding whenever there’s an issue or question about their account or product selection process. Not all reviews are glowing; some users point out minor issues such as slow loading times or difficulty customizing order forms within the system itself (which can be done through Shopify instead).

However these complaints appear few and far between among Redditors who use Oberlo regularly – many reaffirm their satisfaction with the platform time after time even after experiencing small problems here or there .

Oberlo Products

Oberlo products have taken the ecommerce world by storm. They offer a variety of items that can be easily sold online and shipped directly from the suppliers to customers. Oberlo offers everything from apparel and accessories, to home decor and electronics – allowing you to create an online store with virtually any product imaginable.

One of the best things about Oberlo is their incredibly low prices for quality products. All of their products are sourced through reliable global suppliers, meaning that you’re getting top-notch items at unbeatable rates. On top of this, they also provide full tracking information so you always know exactly when your orders have been delivered or shipped out.

This makes it easy for business owners who want to keep their customers up-to-date on orders without having to worry about constantly checking up on them themselves! Another great thing about Oberlo is how user friendly it is: setting up shop takes just minutes! Once your store has been created, all you need to do is browse through hundreds of available products, add them into your shop cart, set the price range for each item (prices can change based on availability) and then click “Sell Now” – voila: Your very own profitable online business!

Plus, if there’s ever anything else you need help with like marketing materials or customer service support – Oberlo provides all that as well in order to make sure your store runs smoothly and efficiently at all times.

What is Oberlo Shopify

Are you looking for an easy way to start your own eCommerce business? If so, Oberlo Shopify is a great solution. Oberlo Shopify is a platform that enables you to quickly and easily build an online store with products from AliExpress, the world’s largest marketplace.

With Oberlo Shopify, there are no setup fees or complicated coding needed; all you need to do is create an account and start selling. Oberlo allows users to find and add products from AliExpress directly into their store in just a few clicks. The platform also provides access to real-time updates on product availability as well as stock levels so users can always ensure they have enough products in stock when customers place orders.

Additionally, it automatically syncs product prices between AliExpress and the user’s store so they don’t have to worry about manual price adjustments every time prices change on AliExpress. For those who want more control over their store design, Oberlo integrates seamlessly with Shopify themes available through the Theme Store which offers an extensive library of professionally designed templates that allow users to create stores that look great without any coding knowledge required. Once integrated with Shopify themes, users can take advantage of features like custom domain names, drop shipping options for international markets (including China) , payment processing tools such as PayPal or Stripe , and customizable shipping rates .

Is Oberlo Free

If you’re looking for a way to get your online store up and running quickly, then Oberlo may be the perfect solution. Not only does this platform provide access to thousands of products from AliExpress and other retailers, but it also offers a great deal of features that make selling products easier than ever before. But one question many people have is whether or not Oberlo is free?

The short answer is yes – Oberlo is totally free! This means you can download the app and create an account without having to pay any money upfront. However, while the basic plan offered by Oberlo is completely free, there are a few additional features that come with paid plans.

For those who just need basic functionality in their store, such as listing items on their website and managing orders, then the Basic Plan should do just fine. With this plan you get unlimited product listings, automatic order fulfillment tracking through AliExpress suppliers (which saves time), shipping rate calculation for customers at checkout (so they know what they’ll pay for shipping ahead of time) and more. It’s important to note that dropshipping services are not included with this plan however – if those services are needed then users will need one of the paid plans instead.

Is Oberlo Shutting down

If you’ve been using Oberlo to run your online store, then you may have heard rumors that the service is shutting down. The rumors are true – Oberlo will be closing its doors soon. For those who aren’t familiar with it, Oberlo was a dropshipping automation platform founded in 2015 by two Estonian entrepreneurs.

It connected merchants with suppliers and enabled them to easily manage their inventories and orders without having to do any of the work manually. The company had seen great success over the years and many merchants relied on it for their day-to-day operations. However, recent changes in international trade regulations made it difficult for Oberlo to continue operating as before.

As a result, it has decided to shut down its services at the end of 2021. Although this news may come as a surprise or even disappointment for some users, there are other options available out there if you want to keep running your business without interruption: Shopify Fulfillment Network (SFN) is one such option that can help merchants fulfill orders quickly and efficiently while also providing access to discounted shipping rates from major carriers like UPS and FedEx . SFN also offers additional features such as order tracking, inventory updates , and customer support .

Another alternative is AliExpress Dropshipping which allows sellers an easy way of selling products imported directly from China’s largest ecommerce giants – Alibaba Group Holding Limited .

Oberlo Dropshipping Reviews

As ecommerce becomes increasingly popular, so too does the concept of dropshipping. Dropshipping is a type of business model that allows entrepreneurs to sell products without actually having to hold any inventory or ship them out themselves. Oberlo is one of the most popular services for setting up and managing a dropshipping business.

As such, it’s important for potential customers to know what other people are saying about it before making their decision on whether or not to use it. To help out, here’s an overview of some Oberlo dropshipping reviews from around the web. First off, many users have noted how easy and straightforward Oberlo makes setting up a dropshipping store.

The process only takes minutes with no coding knowledge required – perfect for those who don’t have time or resources to dedicate toward building their own store from scratch. Additionally, Oberlo offers comprehensive tutorials and support teams at all hours in case new users get stuck on anything during setup. This level of customer service has been praised by many reviewers who found the help they needed quickly and easily when using Oberlo’s platform compared with others which offer little in terms of assistance after signup is complete.

Once your store is set up and running smoothly, there are plenty more features offered by Oberlo that will make managing your shop much simpler than ever before!

Oberlo Chrome Extension

If you’re looking to save time and simplify the process of finding, importing and managing products for your ecommerce store, then look no further than Oberlo Chrome Extension. This handy extension allows you to quickly find products from AliExpress in a few simple clicks. Once added to your store, Oberlo will automatically track orders and update inventory levels so that all you have to do is sit back and let it work its magic!

The extension can be used on any type of ecommerce platform including Shopify or WooCommerce. To get started simply install the Oberlo extension from the Google Chrome Store. You’ll then be able to access it directly from your browser window whenever needed.

Once installed, you’ll be able to browse through millions of products on AliExpress with ease right within the browser window – no need for tedious manual searches anymore! With just one click you can add items into your store product list which can then easily be managed via an intuitive dashboard interface inside Oberlo itself. You can also customize product titles, descriptions and images before they are pushed live on your website so there’s little left for you do manually which saves loads of time when setting up a new online shop!

In addition, every product added via this process comes with free shipping as well as tracking information once shipped – leaving customers more informed throughout their buying journey while increasing satisfaction rates at the same time too!

Does Oberlo Still Work

Oberlo is a dropshipping app that helps entrepreneurs and small businesses to easily import products from AliExpress into their Shopify stores. It has been around since 2015, and in the past few years it has become one of the most popular apps for selling online. But with so many other options available now, does Oberlo still work?

The short answer is yes! Oberlo remains an excellent choice for anyone looking to start a dropshipping business or expand an existing one. It’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to find and import products from AliExpress, as well as managing orders and tracking inventory.

Plus, its integrations with Shopify make it simple to set up your store quickly. However, there are some drawbacks to using Oberlo which should be considered before making a decision about whether or not it’s right for you. One potential issue is that product prices on AliExpress can fluctuate wildly – this means that you may have difficulty keeping track of pricing when ordering through Oberlo (although they do offer some automated pricing tools).

Additionally, because all transactions take place between yourself and AliExpress suppliers rather than via Oberlo itself, customer service issues can be harder to handle than if working directly with a supplier who uses the app themselves. Overall though, these potential pitfalls shouldn’t put off anyone considering using Oberlo – especially given its widespread popularity among successful ecommerce entrepreneurs today.


Oberlo is a great tool for online entrepreneurs and small business owners who are looking to get their products into the world of e-commerce. It’s an all-in-one platform that allows users to easily add, manage, and track product orders from multiple suppliers. The Oberlo reviews show that this platform has made it much easier for businesses to set up shop on popular marketplaces like Shopify and AliExpress.

Oberlo makes inventory management simple with its automatic order tracking feature, allowing users to keep their inventory updated in real time. Additionally, the built-in analytics allow you to view key performance metrics so you can make informed decisions about your store’s success. When it comes down to it, having such a powerful tool at your fingertips makes running an ecommerce business simpler than ever before!

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