16 Best WordPress PayPal Plugins to Accept Online Payments

Best WordPress PayPal Plugins

PayPal is one of the well-known payment systems online nowadays. Almost half of the whole world population uses PayPal. Considering every need so many users using PayPal for its payment methods.


For any kind of online business where you are selling various products, well-known goods, PayPal makes it easy to accept payment from your buyers. An interesting thing about PayPal is here you don’t have to worry about any security issues or credit card processes. However, PayPal can handle the transaction very well. For earning money from your site, you have to add your PayPal to your WordPress website. Once you attached your WordPress website with your PayPal that you will begin to earn money from your buyers.


Then what about the plugins? As PayPal can do everything then why need PayPal plugins? It is very normal to ask questions like this. But the main reason for people using plugins because PayPal can easily attach with WordPress website with the help of plugins.

Do you have any idea about some of the best WordPress PayPal plugins? If not, then you’re in the right place. Here, in this article, we will know about some of the best WordPress PayPal plugins which accept payments easily.


 What is The PayPal Plugins? 

 PayPal is a perfect option regardless of whether you want to sell or embrace digital products. After all, PayPal is a famous and trustworthy business. In reality, 277 million PayPal accounts in the first quarter of 2019 were actively engaged worldwide, according to statistics. 

 Online users know and connect the PayPal logo with safe, stable, and efficient processing of payments. Besides, PayPal does not deal with PCI enforcement and security problems, as it manages transactions on its website. So, you don’t have to take risks and difficulties. It is not shocking that PayPal is a common and trustful way of making payments.


The Ultimate 16 Best WordPress PayPal Plugins

 WP Easy PayPal: 

 Accepting Simple PayPal payment, the users do not need a password or sign-up to a transaction to accept payment for a single click of a product, service, or donation. Accept WP Quick PayPal Payment One-click payment Example via a plug-in method. 

The plug-in works in a couple of ways. To add a payment somewhere on your website, you can use a shortcode. The feature can be named from a template file as well. Finally, from the Widgets menu, you can use the widget “WP PayPal Payment.” 

There are lots of payment options are available. Some of them are personalized payments, collection of tax, shortcode parameters, and the ability to return a user to a particular website after the payment. This plug-in includes a variety of payment options. Payment Acceptance WP Quick PayPal does not endorse a shopping cart.


 PayPal Shopping Cart: 

 WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart should check if you want to add several deals with product variations and a full e-commerce experience to your site with a range of choices. This is a simple plug-in with the “Add to List” button and PayPal Checkout that does not slow your site down but offers a more efficient alternative for a shopping experience. Shoppers may have items withdrawn or their items resized. 

 WordPress combines the Next-generation photo gallery plug-in for selling photographs with the quick PayPal shopping cart. Besides, the plug-in facilitates the selling of utilities, digital goods, and physical products, as well as PayPal Smart Checkout / Buttons. 

 WordPress PayPal: 

 The WordPress PayPal plug-in lets you use shortcodes to add payment buttons to your pages and blogs. If you choose to subscribe on a regular, weekly, monthly, or annual basis, it promotes recurring payments.

 The plug-in also supports the inclusion of several products, coupons/deals, and payment systems to the shopping cart. Transportation and taxes can be paid and products that require multiple choices such as design, size, or price can be offered. Compatible with every WordPress theme, you can monitor and handle orders from your WordPress dashboard with this plug-in, which is very handy. 


 Quick plugins PayPal: 

 High-speed PayPal Transfers is distinct from related variable payment support plug-in. The plug-in enables users to fill out a reference number form. You will only need a shortcode for this to happen! 

 In general, you visualize paying for goods while dreaming about online purchases. High-speed PayPal Payments provides a workaround that makes accepting online payments for invoices and services simpler.

 This plug-in also includes additional regular alternatives. In addition to variable fees, such as form styling, coupon codes, preset IDs and numbers, multiple forms, GDPR compliance, and some customization on a single platform. 


 Buy Now Button: 

 The name of this plug-in appropriately explains what it does: You can add a ‘Buy Now’ PayPal button to sell goods or services everywhere on your website. It is no easier than this to accept payments. The plug-in adds an embedded PayPal button to your editing area. Everything you have to do is press and enters any information with the Insert button. The Buy Now button will then be created for you and attached to your website or article. 

 An example of inserting a button is the PayPal Buy Now Button Plug-in. For every WordPress style, this plug-in works. You can select from four different styles for the PayPal icon, how to open a window for PayPal, and your active payment URL.


Easy PayPal Shopping Cart: 

 Buy Simple Button PayPal Shopping Cart is an option if you prefer the convenience of the plugin. Using the ‘Add to List’ and ‘Check List’ buttons, this plugin helps you to sell goods or services on your website. On PayPal, the shopping cart itself is hosted. 

The plugin works for any WordPress style, and anywhere on your blog, you can put cart buttons. Similar to the PayPal Buy Now Button plugin, Quick PayPal Shopping Cart adds to your editing area a button add method. Click the attach button that you want to add to the cart button, fill in some info and you’re done with it. 


WordPress Ultra Simple PayPal Shopping: 

 PayPal Shopping Cart WordPress Ultra Simple provides more than just easy cart features. To every post or website, you can add a ‘Add to List’ option, but if you like, you can get more benefits.

For instance, between the cart validation and the PayPal submission feature, there is a choice to add a form. You may have price variants, configure settings and CSS, add delivery options. You can also designate SK for each object, and display a shopping cart with thumbnails of a product image. For physical goods, utilities, and digital products, this plugin facilitates payment.

However, there are several solutions provided by WP Ultra Quick PayPal Cart. But, there is also a downside. It is that it’s easy for the user to learn the settings and customization and a little difficult for non-techies. 


E-commerce by 10Web: 

 Consider a shopping cart plugin designed to operate an online store like 10 Site E-Commerce if you want to sell a lot of items. You typically want advanced scanning, advanced search, and performance adjustment and compare, with a wide range of products for sale. These features improve the online store’s customer experience. 

This plugin has multiple bells and whistles that you can choose to use to complete your shopping professionally, in addition to the PayPal regular payment handling. Sometimes quality tracking, reporting, and incorporation of social media platforms also occur. 


PayPal for Digital Goods: 

 PayPal for Digital Products processes the orders through PayPal which offers films, eBooks, pdfs, and music files for subscription services. To build a personalized payment button leading to a pop-up window where a consumer may make instant purchases using PayPal’s Express Checkout API / Gateway, this plugin uses shortcodes. 

 Checkout in the popup window would not cause the site to be paid by a customer. It is an extra advantage to keep more people on the page always! The customer will immediately update their file after payment, which makes their shipping faster and simpler.


Sell Digital Downloads PayPal: 

 Another alternative is the Sale Digital Downloads plugin if you just want to sell and distribute digital goods on your platform. The aim of this plugin is on making it easy for more users to sell digital content. So, Selling Digital Downloads can be a plugin for you if you do not want to get involved in a lot of production activities. 

     Note: If you like to configure it, the plugin can be extended with hooks and filters.


Upload your media files simply to WordPress as you would usually do. The plugin processes the payment and sends the update as encrypted links automatically to users through email. You will build products and personalized orders that are limitless. The plugin uses custom post forms, which makes things simpler to handle your goods and orders.


 PayPal Events: 

It also takes a different purpose to sell tickets to events than sell products. That’s why a nice alternative is the PayPal Events plugin. Enter your PayPal details, set up your statement, and position your website with a short code. At last, you’re prepared to sell your tickets. Each customer will be received an e-ticket containing a QR code after making the payment. 


More advanced solutions are provided by several event plugins, which is nice if you need comprehensive event management. However, PayPal Events is a plugin that helps you to sell tickets online through PayPal if you want to complete a simpler ticket. 


Receive PayPal Donations: 

 Will you have to take donations? The PayPal Donation Plugin makes it possible. By taking a shortcode or sidebar widget, add a PayPal Donation button to the blog. You can select which donation button, including the possibility of having your button, to use. Another fantastic function is that an optional default aim and relation may be set. You can easily hide these configurations in any instance of the button.


Send PayPal Donation: 

The PayPal donation plugin functions as a button and a toolbar widget. This is identical to the donation plugin above, where you can select between various button templates or upload your own. Donors may make a contribution using their PayPal account or credit card also. 

PayPal Contributions will be very useful if you can configure the donation keys. A drop-down menu with pre-determined sums need to set up if you want more power over donations. 


 Payment Gateway for WooCommerce: 

 There is a PayPal Express Checkout Payment Portal for the WooCommerce plugin. Generally, that enables you to accept payments via PayPal’s Gateway if you use WooCommerce as your online shopping method. 

You get several payment options, like credit cards or PayPal Money, with this plugin.  From the cart section, the customer will able to complete any order. If somehow they forgot their order then they can have a quick check out the order summary page. When purchasing, clients can never leave your platform and making the shopping experience more effective. 

 WooCommerce PayPal Checkout Payment Gateway: 

 The PayPal Checkout Payment Gateway plugin is supplied by WooCommerce. However, it is another alternative when you use WooCommerce. With this plugin, without having to think about purchases being hosted on PayPal’s servers. You have the chances to safely sell products and subscriptions. Without a PayPal number, users can search for all major credit and debit cards. It is important to have a PayPal business account, according to WooCommerce. 

 CP Contact Form: 

 For your purchases, you may want to use a document, such as an email, booking, or product description. However, the PayPal plugin CP contact form attaches a form to the WordPress website. It also links to payment mode.

 How It Works:  

 The WordPress servers save the posted data. While user fills in the form fields and presses the Send button and the user needs the guidance to PayPal to settle the purchase. The owner of your website will receive an email with the registration information upon completing the order. Also, the customer will receive validation or thank you for an email. 


Final Thoughts: 

 The features and functionality you need to get started are supported by these PayPal native PayPal plugins. But do not hesitate to update the paying plugin if you do not like what you have. 

Several of these plugins provide a pro edition and they are more advance than previous. Though. it might take time to update if the payment option which offers you what you need.  By investing in a better option, you can save your time and cash in the long term. 

To receive money online by PayPal, you sure have several choices. Who can say or choose which one is the better of these plugins? After all, we have sent you the list and now it is up to you to pick and take action on the one that suits your needs.


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